A sequoia in your backyard - that must remain a dream. If you have enough space, can the tree was good plant and care. As that happens.


prefer from seeds or cuttings in a pot

Although the Sequoia for its robustness is known, it should not be planted the same into the open. In his youth the future giant is namely mostly still sensitive to cold. Instead of buying a sequoia, you can drag the tree also from seed or propagate by cuttings. As Kaltkeimer need the seeds a cold impulse to germinate. Two weeks at temperatures of between five and eight degrees - for example in the refrigerator - rich already made. After soaking in water for a day, the swollen seeds hike on potting soil and are easily covered with substrate.

Sequoia planting instructions and tips on caring

With the necessary know-how also thrives in your garden a giant sequoia. (Source: Thinkstock by Getty Images)

On a bright place inside the home germination, which can last several weeks begins. Finally, you can transplant the young plants and transplant them to small pots. The cuttings are inserted straight into the potting soil. They should be at least 15 to 20 centimeters long and easily cut obliquely. On a bright position provided that care is not complicated. However, make sure that the substrate always remains moist.

Sequoia plant into the open air: The more care

Only in the spring after the last frost, the plants may it outside. They should already be a meter tall. Plant. The sequoia to a possible sunny, warm location But in the shadow can last the young tree. It is particularly important that you set the sequoia to a location that is large enough for its steady growth. After all, the tree can also remotely his home reach the remarkable size of 50 meters in width, it grows in accordance with. Plant it for this reason, at least 15 to 20 meters away from buildings, walls or other trees.

At the bottom is the tree hardly claims and also in the further care it is easy to handle. Note, however, that they water it well, and avoid waterlogging. A fertilizer addition as care in spring is recommended, especially for young sequoias. In the winter the soil should be provided around the trunk of the sequoia to protect against the cold with a thick layer of mulch. Follow these tips, so one thing is certain: Your Sequoia will survive a few centuries.